For the newer xmltv releases please use tv_grab_eu_xmltvse otherwise please use se_tvzon, eu_dotmedia

If you have any channel request then create a new issue if the channel isn't listed yet. Be sure to check our channel list first. If you need help please post an issue on our Github.

Please read information about your country in the "channels" folder. It contains information on why some information are missing.

Schedule updates are run instantly if files are sent via email or FTP to our server by the channels. Otherwise the update time depends on the period we specified in our config.

Files will be uploaded to the cloud every hour.

Note: The data is cached and will get reset every x hours so in case a fix has been pushed and your issue closed you will have to wait until it expires.


Report any issues in the issue tracker and i'll try to fix it asap.


How to use

Please see the guides folder for how to use it in different OS:es etc.


Help us

If you want to help you can do pull requests with guides, info, etc. You can also add better/updated logos to channel-logos.